Service & Calibration for
Quality Control Equipment

Don’t be left with products that are out of spec. Accurate measurements are critical to your business success and clients’ trust.

Protect Your Tools

Get Accurate Results

Lengthen Instrument Life Span

We understand the impact of lost production and lost time when you have a product recall. Working together with you and your quality team, we can help minimize or drastically reduce the impact this has on your business.

Our calibration services ensure the products leaving your facility are measured accurately. We understand how the accuracy of your equipment is essential to your success.

– Curt Kopko, Owner

Calibration Experts & Gauge Management Professionals

Solve Metrology is your expert in the field of precision metrology and testing services. Our engineers can assist you in solving your most difficult measuring and machining problems through our consulting services.

surface plate

Surface Plates

Surface plates wear over time and calibration is the only sure way to know that you are working with a level surface and can expect accurate workmanship when the surface plate is in use. We use state of the art equipment and a technically advanced Federal Computerized Digital Level Electronic System with an accuracy of .1arc per foot.

Optical Comparators

We service a wide range of optical comparators, including modern video comparators. It is essential that optical comparators used in factory environments are cleaned and reconditioned. Solve Metrology can restore, calibrate and certify your equipment to like new condition.

Hardness Testers, Micrometers, Calipers and More

Combine all of your testing, measuring and gage management in our customized service plans. We deliver the highest quality ISO documentation, calibration, certification and NIST traceability. Our service can ensure your equipment stays compliant and you can pass your next customer audit.

Solve Metrology On-Site Analysis

Customized Service Plans

At Solve Metrology, we know that instruments being dropped, hit, run over, etc. will fall out of calibration sooner, resulting in less accurate measurements.

Solve Metrology comes to a client’s facility and observes tools usage and placement. We then help develop a plan based on your staffing and building layout to maximize the lifespan of tools. We can develop a plan for how frequent your equipment needs calibration and maintenance for you to stay compliant and pass your audits.

1. Get a Quote

Contact Solve Metrology and let’s talk about your equipment needs.

2. Develop a Plan

We will develop a competitively priced service plan to protect and service your equipment.

3. Rest Easy

You can rest easy knowing you are getting excellence through our exacting standards in scientific analysis and quality.

Solve Metrology supplies calibration and training on all instruments and we highly recommend them.

Jerry L.

Calibration Manager

Solve Metrology is always prompt and we rely on them for all our calibration. When systems go down, they are quick to respond and get us back up and running.

Norman G.

Plant Supervisor

Using Solve Metrology Gage Management Services has ensured we have passed all our ISO audits smoothly and we can be assured our instruments are accurate.

Christopher McDonald

GE Aerospace

Director of Quality