Training: Metrology

Solve Metrology provides training courses to improve your knowledge of roundness and surface finish measurement. We offer in-house training for your engineers and technicians to increase their understanding of surface finish measurement and application to your products. Select a course from the list of established courses or ask us to tailor a course for your specific needs. Typical subjects covered in our training courses are:


  • Instrument Types
  • Filtering
  • Surface Finish Parameters
  • Stratified or Plateau Surfaces
  • Rk Family of Parameters
  • Rq Parameters


  • Reference Cirlcles
  • Filter types
  • Roundness Parameters
  • Notches or interrupted surfaces
  • Harmonics

Modern surface finish and roundness measurement systems have many capabilities with sophisticated analysis features to solve difficult problems. Many have algorithms to perform analysis according to multiple national and international standards. But with that sophistication comes added complexity. Many technicians struggle with measurement setup and deciphering specifications

  • What reference circle should I use?
  • What cutoff should I use?
  • How many measurements should I make?
  • How do I measure a short surface?
  • What parameters should I measure?

These are some of the common questions customers ask every day. Solve Metrology can help you answer these questions and provide the knowledge to solve problems on your own


  • Which parameters to use and when?
  • Large parameter lists.
  • How do Rk Parameters work?
  • Redundant Parameters
  • "Impossible" surface specifications
  • Parameter Correlation and Sensitivity

Manufacturers have been implementing Statistical Process Control (SPC) for many years but often give up when it comes to surface finish measurements. The natural variation in most surface finish parameters makes the use SPC nearly impossible without special considerations. The tools to make SPC work for your surface finish measurements are covered in our training courses and we can help you set up a SPC system for your application

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