Calibration Services: Machine Tool

Solve metrology provides calibration services for machine tools and other DRO equipment using state of the art laser measurement systems and precision differential levels.

  • Volumetric Positioning
  • Dynamic Contouring Measurement
  • Volumetric calibration and compensation
  • Squareness
  • Straightness
  • Flatness
  • Non-contact circular
  • Pitch
  • Yaw
  • Roll

It is important to calibrate both the volumetric positioning (X, Y, Z) and the rotational axes. Using a laser interferometer to calibrate the 3 linear axes and the rotational axes separately and independent of each other is not enough. There are straightness errors in each of the 3 linear axes, and squareness errors between the 3 linear axes, skew, Non-orthogonal and non-intersection of the rotational axes and the non-intersection of the center lines of the spindle and the z-axis. This is why Solve Metrology uses a combination of measurement tools to provide complete calibration of you machine tools.

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