Calibration Services: Hardness Tester

Solve Metrology can calibrate your hardness testers, new or old, to the latest ASTM E18 specification. On site calibration is available for most brands and models of hardness testers. Our factory-trained specialists perform calibration and preventative maintenance to assure proper function and accuracy of your equipment. In house repair services can restore your equipment to new condition.

  • Rockwell
  • Twin testers
  • Brinell
  • Vickers
  • Microhardness
  • Leeb

Rockwell Testers:

In order to comply with the ASTM E18-07/08 specifications, your Rockwell tester will need to be calibrated with a NIST traceable indenter, and NIST traceable Rockwell C scale test block or other scale blocks conforming to the E18-07/08 standard. While we encourage all customers to comply with the new standards, we can still perform machine calibrations to the E18-05 standard with your old indenters upon request

Certified Rockwell Indenters:

The ASTM E18-07 Rockwell Hardness Testing calibration procedures mandate the use of Diamond Indenters that are verified for geometrical and performance standards. Solve Metrology provides indenters that exceed the specifications and tolerances required. Each indenter is serialized and assigned a certificate of compliance assuring traceability for each indenter. Diamond Indenters are in stock for all makes and models of Rockwell Hardness Testers.

Rockwell Ball Penetraters:

With the release of ASTM E18-05 steel balls must be replaced by carbide balls. This requirement affects all Rockwell Scales utilizing the 1/16", 1/8", 1/4", and 1/2" ball penetraters. As of March 1, 2005, all Rockwell Hardness Standards and Machine Calibrations will be performed according to the new specification. Hardness Standards and Machine Calibrations performed with steel balls will still be available, however by request only. In addition, the ASTM E18-07 and later test methods add performance verification as a new requirement making all pre E18-07 ball indenters obsolete and new ball penetrators need to be purchased to be in compliance with the latest ASTM test methods. Solve Metrology stocks carbide ball indenters certified to the latest standard for most makes of testers.

Brinell Ball Indenters:

The ASTM E10-07 standard requires the use of tungsten carbide indenters for all Brinell hardness testing. While the carbide balls are more expensive, they provide much longer life than the steel balls. Solve Metrology has 10mm carbide balls available for most brands and models.

ASTM E18-07 and later test methods require that Rockwell Test Blocks be calibrated with Class A indenters using extended test times. This makes all pre E18-07 Rockwell test blocks obsolete and in order to be compliant with the new standard either new E18-07 or later test blocks need to be obtained or older non-compliant test blocks can be recalibrated. Solve Metrology provides NIST Traceable Rockwell C scale test blocks and all other scale test blocks conform to the E18 standard. We can also certify your old test blocks to the new standard.

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