Calibration Services: Bendix and Sheffield

Solve Metrology provides parts, support, and service for Bendix/Sheffield Rotary and Linear Systems. We can keep your Bendix Sheffield gages in top condition for years to come with our Comprehensive Multi Point Preventative Maintenance and Calibration Program

Solve Metrology has been supporting the Bendix Sheffield equipment for over 20 years. We using the OEM preventative maintenance schedule and have a large inventory of parts to service your machine. Our technicians service this equipment regularly and know how to keep it running. We also provide support for the Metrex Profileview system upgrades

Just to list some of the critical function tests performed during the calibration and preventative maintenance program

Instruments Test
Product-O-Ron Amplifier Range Alignment
Spectre IndiRon Amplifier Noise
IndiRon System Diagnostics
Spectre Indicorder Disk Drive Functions
Indicorder Spindle Coupling
Spectre Proficorder Encoder Function
Proficorder Gain Calibration
Profilometer Spindle Accuracy
PortaRon Tracer Pivots
RondiGage Recorder Alignment
Metrex Profileview Pen Functions
Chart Centering and ECC Functions
Pilotor Straightness
Pilotor Speed

Computer and software upgrades are also available for your Bendix/Sheffield system. The latest HP 300 series computers provide a quantum leap in processing speed and the addition of a hard drive enhances system performance and reliability. State of the art windows software is also available to give your machine new life

Whether you need calibration and repair or a complete system upgrade, Solve Metrology can help you get the most out of your Bendix/Sheffield Instrument

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